Urea melamine Formaldehyde Resins

# Product Type Alkylated Type Performance Features Application Download
1 AMINDO 9817-60 iso-Butylated Good gloss, good hardness, fast cure, low odor and toughness, high viscosity Acid curing wood finishes TDS AMI 9817-60.pdf
2 AMINDO 9804-65 iso-Butylated Excellent gloss, good hardness, low odor, fast curing, fast FF release post cured Acid curing wood finishes TDS AMI 9804-65.pdf
3 AMI 9802-60 iso-Butylated Fast curing, good gloss and good hardness Economical acid curing TDS AMI 9802-60.pdf
4 AMINDO 9706-65 Butylated Fast curing, good gloss, good hardness, extremely low odor and low FF post cured High performance acid curing wood finishes TDS AMI 9706-65.pdf