Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin

# Product Type Performance Features Application Download
1 ACRYLINDO 1123-50 High gloss and good hardness
Water and chemical resistance
Fast tack free
Automotive refinishes. TDS ACR 1123-50.pdf
2 ACRYLINDO 1172-50 Soluble in white spirit, balance in hardness and flexibility, good leveling, compatible with long oil alkyd Non yellowing synthetic enamel TDS ACR 1172-50.pdf
3 ACRYLINDO 1162-50 Excellent oil & plasticizer resistance & yet still good alcohol resistance, good hardness & adhesion, good aluminum orientation and excellent pigment wetting ABS and HIPS plastic coating, PET plastic coating TDS ACR 1162-50.pdf
4 ACRYLINDO 1142-40 Excellent adhesion to non-ferrous metal, zinc galvanized metal, fast solvent release Air dry primer and general metal coating TDS ACR 1142-40.pdf
5 ACRYLINDO 1128-40 Excellent gloss, good hardness and blocking resistance, good adhesion, fast dry, flexible Gravure ink TDS ACR 1128-40.pdf
6 ACRYLINDO 1127-50 Compatible with white spirits, good alkali resistance Low odor masonry coating and decorative enamel TDS ACR 1127-50.pdf
7 ACRYLINDO 1126-50 Excellent hardness, good alcohol & oil resistance, good film built, gloss & good adhesion, good aluminum orientation ABS and HIPS plastic coating TDS ACR 1126-50.pdf
8 ACRYLINDO 1124-50 Good alkali resistance, no cobweb under heated spray gun, high gloss, low odor & good scratch resistance Roof tiles coating and concrete coating TDS ACR 1124-50.pdf
9 ACRYLINDO 1120-52 Good solvent resistance, balance in hardness and flexibility, good adhesion & inter coat adhesion for premier coating Plastic coating, concrete and roof coating TDS ACR 1120-52.pdf
10 ACRYLINDO 1119-45 Good alcohol & chemical resistance, high gloss, good UV resistance, hardness, good aluminum orientation ABS and HIPS plastic coating TDS ACR 1119-45.pdf
              11 ACRYLINDO 1114-50 High gloss, fast drying, hardness, water and chemical resistance, good flow and good adhesion                                                                                   Automotive refinish TDS ACR 1114-50.pdf
12 ACRYLINDO 1113-50 Compatible with n-butane, gasoline resistance, good wetting, high gloss, good weathering resistance Aerosol paint TDS ACR 1113-50.pdf
13 ACRYLINDO 1111-50X Good UV retention, high gloss, dust proof, good water resistance, color retention, good alkali resistance, hardness yet flexible,good adhesion Roof coating, masonry coating and decorative coating TDS ACR 1111-50X.pdf
14 ACRYLINDO 1106-42 Flexible, good adhesion to paper, good pigment dispersion, excellent stability for gold/silver ink, high gloss, fast dry, non blocking Paper coating and gravure ink TDS ACR 1106-42.pdf
15 ACRYLINDO 1105-45 Adhesion, flexible, fast drying, good UV and solvent resistance. Compatible with CAB Plastic coating, non yellowing wood coating TDS ACR 1105-45.pdf
16 ACRYLINDO 1102-60 Excellent gloss & wet look appearance, good adhesion, clear top coat, good chemical resistance, fast dry, good leveling General metal coating, high gloss plastic coating, NC laquer TDS ACR 1102-60.pdf