Urea Formaldehyde Resins

# Product Type Alkylated Type Performance Features Application Download
1 AMINDO 7866-60 iso-Butylated Low free formaldehyde
High electrical resistivity
Acid curing wood finishes-electrostatic spray TDS AMI 7866-60.pdf
2 AMINDO 7863-60 iso-Butylated Low formaldehyde emissions Acid curing wood finishes, baking enamel TDS AMI 7863-60.pdf
3 AMINDO 7862-60 iso-Butylated Low formaldehyde emissions, high electrical resistivity Baking enamel, acid curing -electrostatic spray TDS AMI 7862-60.pdf
4 AMINDO 7820-74 iso-Butylated Good compatibility, low emissions, high solids Acid curing wood finishes TDS AMI 7820-74.pdf
5 AMINDO 7811-66 iso-Butylated Moderate reactivity, good flexibility and film built Wood finishes and low bake temperature baking enamel TDS AMI 7811-66.pdf
6 AMINDO 7740-60 Butylated Good flow and flexibility, influence the rheology of epoxy systems in term of flow and leveling Flow control additive in epoxy systems TDS AMI 7740-60.pdf
7 AMINDO 7710-68 Butylated Good flow and flexibility, flow promoter and leveling agent for epoxy systems Epoxy coating, general metal coating TDS AMI 7710-68.pdf
8 AMINDO 7703-60X Butylated Excellent compatibility with epoxy, good adhesion and stability Can coating and general metal coating TDS AMI 7703-60X.pdf