Long Oil Alkyd Resin

# Product Type Oil Type/Modifier Performance Features Application Download
1 ALKINDO 1924-100 Sunflower oil Excellent wetting, good flow, good leveling and adhesion, good stability Oil glaze and grinding resin for transparent pigment TDS ALK 1924-100.pdf
2 ALKINDO 1922-100D Sunflower oil Non yellowing, excellent whiteness, good flow, good adhesion, inter coat adhesion with OP varnish Metal printing ink TDS ALK 1922-100D.pdf
3 ALKINDO 1823-70 HV Soybean oil Good whiteness, color retention, gloss, durability, fast dry, high viscosity Architectural paints, interior and exterior DIY paint TDS ALK 1823-70HV.pdf
4 ALKINDO 1821-60 Mixed FA Fast dry, excellent flow, good color retention, good brush ability, excellent flow, good gloss and hardness, good recoatability, color retention Transparent wood stain, exterior decorative enamel TDS ALK 1821-60.pdf
5 ALKINDO 1822-60 Mixed FA Good color retention, fast dry, good wetting, high filler loading, good stability dedicated for DIY paint only Pigment paste for DIY paint TDS ALK 2822-60.pdf
6 ALKINDO 1801-70 Mixed FA Excellent toughness & whiteness, high flexibility, fast dry, durability, good wetting, high penetration durability, water breathable Transparent wood stain, exterior decorated enamel TDS ALK 1801-70.pdf