Modified Alkyd Resin

# Product Type Oil Type/Modifier Performance Features Application Download
1 ALKINDO 4802-55 Mixed oil / TDI Good wetting, flow, high built, toughness Interior - transparent wood stain, fast drying synthetic enamel TDS ALK 4802-55.pdf
2 ALKINDO 4801-50 Soybean oil / TDI quick dry enamel, good chemical resistance, excellent hardness & high gloss, good adhesion, good abrasion resistance Parquet finishes, fast drying synthetic enamel, vacuum metalizing primer TDS ALK 4801-50.pdf
3 ALKINDO 4503-55 Soybean FA / Epoxy Resin Good chemical and alkali resistance, good hardness, adhesion and inter coat adhesion Clear Varnish for Can coating TDS ALK 4503-55.pdf
4 ALKINDO 4259-50 Linseed oil / TDI Outstanding in drying time, good recoat ability, chemical resistance, quick dry enamel, good abrasion resistance, hard Industrial wood stain for garden furniture and parquet flooring TDS ALK 4259-50.pdf