Melamine Formaldehyde Resins

# Product Type Alkylated Type Performance Features Application Download
1 AMINDO 8881-62 Butylated High tolerance to aliphatic hydrocarbon
Good compatibility
General industrial finishes TDS AMI 8881-62.pdf
2 AMINDO 8788-70 Butylated Good compatibility with alkyd and acrylic resins, high reactivity High quality baking enamel, can coating TDS AMI 8788-70.pdf
3 AMINDO 8783-74HST Butylated Good compatibility with a wide range of polymers, excellent hardness and flexibility High quality baking enamel, can coating, OEM automotive TDS AMI 8783-74.pdf
4 AMINDO 8738-68 Butylated Excellent hardness and flexibility, good compatibility with wide range of polymer High quality baking enamel, OEM automotive TDS AMI 8738-68.pdf
5 AMINDO 8732-69 Butylated Good gloss and good hardness General purpose-Industrial baking enamel TDS AMI 8732-69.pdf
6 AMINDO 8730-94 Butylated Formulated for high solids acid curing at ambient temperature, low odor, excellent adhesion and film built High end acid curing wood finishes TDS AMI 8730-94.pdf
7 AMINDO 8702-72 Butylated Excellent gloss, good hardness, good water resistance, and good storage life Baking enamel, gloss improver for NC and AC TDS AMI 8702-72.pdf
8 AMINDO 8701-75 Butylated High reactivity, excellent hardness, and high resistivity High quality baking enamel, OEM automotive TDS AMI 8701-75.pdf