PT. ALKINDO MITRARAYA was established in 1989 to consistently produce high quality synthetic resin for solvent based coatings manufacturing and market a wide range of alkyd resins with a 1,800 MTPA capacity. In 1993, the company organically extended to produce acrylic solution resins with a 720 MTPA capacity subsequently followed by an increased capacity of the alkyd plant, reaching a total capacity of 5,400 MTPA by the end of 1995.
PT. ALKINDO MITRARAYA continued to expand its capacity and has successfully developed an extensive product range for domestic and regional market. In 2001, PT. ALKINDO MITRARAYA was relocated to a new green field site at Tangerang where purposely a new plant was built with a 14,400 MTPA capacity, warehousing facility and tank farm.
PT. ALKINDO MITRARAYA is supported by an experienced and very innovative team of graduated chemical engineers.
With the focus on exceeding global demand on safety and the environment, the new plant site has a sophisticated automatic fire prevention system and well performed water treatment plant.
Adapting to the global environmental policy PT. ALKINDO MITRARAYA further put all efforts and invested in technology and human resources to generate a new product line consisting in water borne acrylic and polyurethane dispersions with an organically increased capacity topping a total of 20,000 MPTA from 2007 onward.
Striving to become a specialty resin player in the global society with strong laboratory activity and improved hardware technology. PT. ALKINDO MITRARAYA is committed to modern quality requirements and implementing a strict quality management system is ISO 9001 certified. Complying to environmental regulations and vision PT. Alkindo MITRARAYA is also ISO 14001 certified.