The Alkindo range of long, medium and short oil alkyds, oil free alkyds, urethane alkyds and the modified phenolics, stryene modified alkyd polymers provide the backbone for most coating finishes. Applications for such products are extensive and include printing inks, decorative paints, wood lacquers, general industrial, coil and can coating, and the products are:

  • Long Oil Alkyd Resin
  • Medium Oil Alkyd Resin
  • Particular Alkyd Resin
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Resin
  • Short Oil Alkyd Resin
  • Modified Alkyd Resin
  • Saturated Polyester


The Acrylic resin range support thermoplastic and thermosetting acrylics, acrylic polyols and self crosslinked acrylics. These products are sold into, masonry, plastic, wood, stoving paint and automotive application.

  • Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin
  • Thermosetting Acrylic Resin
  • Particular Acrylic Resin
  • Acrylic Polyol Resin
  • Self Crosslinked Acrylic Resin


Amino range consist of a range of amino resin base on urea, melamine and benzoguanamine. These have been developed to meet the demands of both traditional application and those where high solid and low free formaldehyde are desired

  • Benzoguanamine Formaldehyde Resins
  • Urea Formaldehyde Resins
  • Melamine Formaldehyde Resins
  • Urea Melamine Formaldehyde Resins


CROSSLINKER Products consist of polyamine and polyisocyanate hardeners, designed for civil projects (e.g. flooring), maintenance paints, two-pack adhesives, furniture coating, floor coating, general PU metal coating, castings and hand lay-up laminates.

  • Crosslindo 0430 (polyamine)
  • Crosslindo 0431 (polyamine)
  • Crosslindo 1375 (polyisocyanate - aromatic)
  • Crosslindo 0432 (Polyamine)


We cover wide range of polymer dispersion such as vinyl acrylic, PVAc, Full Acrylic, Styrene acrylic, veova acrylic, self crosslinked acrylic, PUD and the hybrid of PUD acrylic which cover wide range of application i.e. flooring, concrete chemical, coating binders, adhesive, ink, waterproofing, etc. and the products are:

  • PV Ac Copolymer Emulsion
  • Styrene Acrylic Emulsion
  • Veova Copolymer Emulsion
  • Full Acrylic Emulsion
  • Elastomeric Emulsion
  • Core Shell Acrylic Emulsion
  • Concrete Chemicals
  • Polyurethane Dispersion
  • Modified Polyurethane Dispersion

Our website is designed to showcase our range of innovative resins.  Use the Resin Selection Guide to find the most suitable product for your needs. We hope you will find the useful information you require.
Should you need additional information or assistance, our marketing team is here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us


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